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A Glance at the Tech Trends for Mobile Accessories

A Glance at the Tech Trends for Mobile Accessories

The quick proliferation of Smartphones and other mobile devices has shaped up the corresponding demand for mobile phone accessories. From power banks, wireless chargers to Bluetooth headphones, USB-C MagSafe Adapter, these products have become a part of our living, and there are thousands of choices available in the market.

Due to growing incomes and the changing lifestyles, the adoption of Smartphones and mobile accessories market has recorded significant growth in emerging economies such as India, China and Indonesia.

Low price ≠ Low quality

Low price ≠ Low quality
I’ve recently read an article about the growing demand for low-priced tech accessories; those big names in the global mobile phone accessories market tend to suggest that, start-ups and countries such as China and India are hindering the growth of the market, as manufacturers in these countries are offering cheaper alternatives to international consumers.

I don’t agree with this groundless hypothesis at all.

Of course, the intense competition in the global mobile phone accessories market is mainly driven by new players, as many of them are able and willing to offer more competitive prices to the customers. Even so, it doesn’t mean these manufacturers are merely copycats or produce crappy stuff.

Portable Power Banks

Power Banks
For instance, Anker, a brand founded in 2011 mainly engaged in the cables and wall chargers, is known for its affordable price and good quality. Since the establishment of the brand, it has become one of the most popular brands of portable battery packs on Amazon. Giving consumers a wide range of choices is the core strategy of Anker, the brand features five different models of Power Core power banks in 10000 mAH capacity and another five types of varying PowerCore models in 20000 mAH capacity; all these products come with varying features but all at a reasonable price.

Portable power banks have become an essential accessory to Smartphones or notebooks. It is expected to boost the mobile accessories industry in the coming years further. The current portable power design is trending towards lighter with higher capacities, and able to juice multiple devices at once. Besides Anker, the steady rise of the profile of Spigen and Aukey proves that new manufactures can also meet the specific need of consumers.

Wireless Charging Technology
According to the latest market research report, the gross margin of wireless charging market is expected to reach USD 13.7 Billion in the next 2 years. User friendliness, convenience and ability to charge multiple devices at once, are the driven factors for the sales growth of wireless charger. Since iPhone has adopted the wireless charging technology, more and more manufacturers create chargers exclusively to work with iPhone; and the Mophie wireless Quick charger and Qi Charging case are one of them.

Mophie, no stranger to the mobile phone accessories market, a California-based technology company that rated in the Top 100 Consumer Products & Services Companies a few years ago, and it is listed as an Inc 5000 company.

Hyperjuice 80w HyperJuice Hyperdrive

Hyperdrive Steps into Asia Market

Therefore, instead of saying, Asia, mobile phone accessories manufacturers ‘ hindering the growth of the market’, the truth is, the macro-economy is offering more opportunities for small to mid-sized company or start-ups in seeking market shares. The fact is, there is an increasing number of overseas companies are eager to work with China manufacturers as well.
Hyperdrive Innovation, a UK-based developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery technology, has recently signed a long-term agreement with manufacture, sell and distribute its modular battery pack in Asia. The Hyperjuice 80w- HyperJuice External Battery Pack for MacBook of Hyperdrive is market leading product, and it is renowned for its energy density and readily; analysts believe that such agreement will give the brand a foothold in one of the world’s fastest-growing regions of tech-related products: Asia.

USB-C MagSafe Adapter
vinpok bolt

The new era of MacBook Pro has given up MagSafe, a feature Apple first launched in 2006. In case you are not familiar with MagSafe, it was the direct ability to have the charger break free from your computer charging port by the magnetic force. Though Apple has stopped keeping this brilliant feature, luckily, there are still many companies out there that can read the mind of Mac users, and look to fix this problem; Vinpok, Volta and Satechi are some of the examples.
Regarding Satechi, it produces not only USB-C Magsafe Adapter but also Type-C USB Hub; a company carries a wide range of mobile phone accessories. Its latest Type-C Multimedia Adapter features a USB-C Power delivery port to charge the PD-compatible devices and offers a power of up to 49W.

Mpow Smashes Amazon Record
When comes to Bluetooth headphone, I would like to mention about Mpow; a California-based technology company which is known as the premium Bluetooth accessories brand for Smartphone. Mpow is specialized in innovative electronics and accessories, such as ultra-slim power bank, Bluetooth headphones and so on.

Mpow 059

Mpow 059 Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones have obtained more than 5-star reviews since being released. It is said that Mpow 059 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones is the number 1-selling wireless headphones on Amazon.

Here are some highlights of Mpow Headphones:
Sound quality: They can’t cancel the noise entirely while without draining the battery and lower the quality the sound. Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones comes with closed-back design provides immersive Hi-Fi sound with 40mm driver and CSR chip.

Comfortable to wear: Most of Mpow Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones features memory-protein ear cushion, which is a texture simulate human skin to ensnare lasting comfort.
Feature both wireless and wired: the battery offers 20-hr music time/ talking time in a single charge in wireless mode. Users can also use it as a wired headphone to enjoy nonstop music.
Last but not least, many Mpow products are far cheaper than its counterparts, they come with excellent quality but cost less than USD 50!

The Conclusion
We all want to get high quality for the lowest price possible as we are in the world of discounts and best offers. The theory of ‘cheap products will break in a week or so’ no longer applicable to 2018, the monopoly of a Big brand is the one who held back the global economy. And now is the time to change, and let the new emerging enterprise to shine and flourish!

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Oct 03, 2018 • Posted by Interlink

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Oct 03, 2018 • Posted by Interlink

Interlink is leading brand of mobile accessories in pakistan and china.