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Introduce you the other two cool cables

Introduce you the other two cool cables

This time we will introduce you the other two cool design - Vinpok Mix and Vinpok Mos
1 Vinpok Mix

NO.1  Vinpok Mix

  • 3-in- 1 cable

Vinpok Mix is a three-in-one cable, it supports apple and android devices, but the difference is that it not only supports lighting and Micro- USB but also USB Type-C.
There are also many 3 in 1 cable in the market now, but most of them were divided three plugs, as a result, although convenient than three separate lines a little, but is not the most simple design.Vinpok Mix is consists of two plugs. Both are in a horizontal line, and such a design is very provincial.One of which is detachable and can be removed when you don’t use it. This design gives you great convenience. You just need to take one Charger Cable in case you have changed phones when you travel outside.

  • effective anti-winding 

TPE has the high elasticity of rubber and the characteristics of unobjectionable processing. Environment-friendly, non-toxic and safe, with excellent colouring, soft touch, weatherability, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance.
1 Vinpok Mix
Vinpok Mix adopts soft TPE material and smooth rhombus design, it is completely tangle-free.Smooth without winding, easy to take.It’s designed for instant use when you want them, which allow you saying goodbye to take time to untangle the coil.

  •  Superior quality with beautiful design

It looks elegant and simple, which matches with your mobile phone and other electronic devices perfectly.There are two colours for you to choose. One is black, while the other is blue.How’s that? Get the three-in-one cable for just $14.99. Do you have a crush?Quick SHOP NOW


NO.2  Vinpok Mos

A1 Vinpok MosYour 2-in-1 for Micro-USB and Lightning Devices.

Often hear people ask: do you have an android charging line? Is there an apple charging line?The worst thing is that when your phone is out of power, you find that you only have the charging head, but no charging line. Then you ask the people around but was told by that there’s no data cable suit for you.That was a really a sad moment.To solve the user’s annoyance Vinpok designed several data cables that both support Android and iPhones.

  • 2-in-1 Cable

Vinpok Mos is specially designed for both IOS and Android devices.

It combines the function of Lighting and Micro-USB into one common connector which can make charging easier.As the picture shown, one side of the connector is for lightning devices(iPhone, IPad, iPod,etc.).While the other side is for Micro-USB devices.(Android, external charger,etc.), is designed with a reversible plug for easier plugging.If you have it, you don’t need to carry a lot of wires in your bag anymore.

  • No knot, save space

A messy winding line not only makes you annoyed but also greatly reduce your productivity.To this end, the material of the Mos we chose is not easy to curl as well as not easy to knot,A1 Vinpok Mos

So that it will be convenient and quick for the user to get it out when they need it.And the “L” font design is adopted to make the line close to the edge of the charging port to reduce the space occupied by the line, which makes your desk looks neater, simple and comfortable.

  • Does it work?

Some people may wonder if it really can be used.Don’t worry, after testing, It has the same functions as normal cable, supports charging as well as data transmission, the speed of transmission was also unaffected.Do you have a crush on such a great design? Vinpok Mos have black and white colours currently, both are elegant and generous.A1 Vinpok Mos

It only costs $14.99 to buy the cable for two USES, How cool it is! Shop Now!

If you really interested in it, please don’t hesitate to get one!

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