-UPDATE ON NOV 8 , 2017


Founded in 2017 by Jackie Yang, vinpok adhering to design details and first-class technology as the core concept, aims to make innovation and fashion iPhone and MacBook accessories. Vinpok is committed to bringing you the truly inspiring experience of science and technology.

Vinpok endeavored to future and intuitive design optimization for consumers to choose the apple brand of peripheral products. We never stop to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. We are speeding up the development of electronic science and technology industry, integrating function and beauty products.

With fashionable, classic and demanding attitude to building quality products, we strictly control the production process from the available resources and helping let the consumers get the best products.


We are looking for a passion for 3c products. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@vinpokstore).Since the day of the Vinpok Bolt has been developed, our life has never been the same. In the crowdfunding campaign In August 2017,We are grateful for your support and raised over US$232,342 through 5550+ orders placed by supporters across 96 countries.

Keep looking for a better and better product for us.

To us, the pursuit of minimalist is not just an ideal. It's what we do.

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