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The keyboard can be connected with either Bluetooth or with a wired, micro-USB connection, and both work great regardless of the platform or device. Typing even worked well on an Android smartphone.

At first glance the Tesmo may look like an ordinary notebook, but underneath the cover is a built-in wireless fast charger offering 7.5W for iPhones and 10W for Androids.

Weighing just 1.4 pounds and measuring 8.8mm (0.35 inches) in thickness, the Split is leaner than most laptops, and though it has a large 15.6-inch display, the bezels around it are small enough that the overall dimensions of the Split are less than that of most 15-inch laptops.

If you’ve gone all in on Apple, you need a battery charger that has done the same. And here to help is Plux, heralded as the world’s first Qi-compatible, multidevice wireless charging pad for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. 

The Taptek is meant to be used in one of two ways, either wired with USB or wirelessly with your Mac, Windows, or Android devices.

There’s both a Mac or Windows version with operating system-specific keys on each, and this keyboard can connect to up to three devices while switching with just a tap.

The Qi charging pad in the cover is brilliant. The moment I plopped my iPhone X onto the "target", I felt the haptic response from the phone that indicated that it was charging. Since the iPhone X has a 2,716 mAh battery inside, I figure that the Tesmo Universebook could recharge it almost three times.

The Vinpok Split touchscreen system is an easy way to extend the screen space on your laptop or desktop allowing you to be more productive and see more applications simultaneously. 

The Plux Charging Dock from Vinpok is a creative option for recharging your most precious Apple mobile devices. It has charging spots for the Apple Watch, AirPods, and of course, the iPhone. 

The Vinpok Taptek keyboard is a solid, gorgeous, and enjoyable keyboard. Having the flexibility of bluetooth and wired connectivity in a single package is a great advantage.

The Vinpok Split is a very capable and useful secondary monitor for USB-C MacBooks and can even be used with the new USB-C iPad Pro models. The touchscreen capability is especially cool with a MacBook.

The recently funded Plux is one of them, offering a 10W fast charging Qi-compatible multi-device charging pad large enough for an iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch. The pad also comes with a stand converter that allows for the use of Face ID and Nightstand Mode.

I love the form factor of the Magic Keyboard, and the Taptek is the perfect size. It's actually only as thick as the Magic Keyboard is at its thickest point (not including the keys), and that's after cramming in the lighting. It's considerably heavier than the Magic Keyboard, but I like that.