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5 Cool iPhone Video Accessories

5 Cool iPhone Video Accessories

Nowadays there are still a great number of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus users around the world. For those who pursue to make your iPhone7 or iPhone7 plus really cool with some awesome video accessories, this article is written to introduce some best cool video accessories in my opinion for the iPhone.

For the people who do not want to get on with the iPhone jack and you do not have the iPhone solution to it. I have a really excellent solution. See the problem with the Apple, you can listen to music with the 3.5 jack but you are unable to charge your iPhone at the same time. So here is the solution developed by the Auxillite. The Auxillite 3.5& Lightning Adapter was intended to be a solution for charging and listening at the same time. Instead of purchasing completely new add-ons, the Auxillite external digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) attaches to 3.5mm jacks and lightning port, allowing you to play audio and stay charged around the clock. This is probably a universal adapter to fix this problem. At one side is the lightning port while the other side is the 3.5mm headphone jack. What the cool is that it lets every user keep their original 3.5mm headphones. It is quite comfortable and wise but, with it, you cannot hold your iPhone as the same way you hold as usual cause it is not kind of integrated.

Now why we do not charge the iPhone with the wireless charger? This feature benefits all of the iPhone7 or iPhone7 plus users. Second cool iPhone accessory I would like to show you around is Wireless Charging retrofit. It comes with an inductive pad which has a small sticker on it. It is quite easy and quick to be installed which makes it an optimal solution for smartphones with removable batteries. By connecting the magnetic sticker back on the inductive pad with your iPhone, and then settle your iPhone down the wireless charger. Here is due, the iPhone is charging well. The look of the phone remains original and no additional port is required with this choice.It also works with the phone case after putting it pretty accurately in the middle of the changing pad. Simply attach the inductive pad to lightning port and hide the pad behind the existing protective mobile phone case.

Next thing I would like to introduce solemnly is Oaxis InkCase i7, a brand-new updated case with an extra ink at its back for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 pluses.

You can freely read books or news article, display photos, to-do list and also assists you in taking selfies easily back to your iPhone. A dual screen for your iPhone, Oaxis InkCase i7, what makes it performed so cool? An inbuilt battery, storage space, Bluetooth connectivity and it also are drop-proof and waterproof. Using it, you do not have to worry about dropping and the problem of screen broken any longer. What’s more, its charging feature applies to the message feature, which is pretty cool. Just put the cable near the charging port slightly and then the power is connected automatically. However, the refreshing rate does not vary too good. Anyway, Oaxis InkCase i7 is a really nice iPhone video accessory.

The Zeiss ExoLens Pro, a wide-angle lens attachment, and also a high-quality iPhone video accessory which is also worth to be done mentioned. It transforms the iPhone standard camera lens into a wide-angle one which offers around 18mm. The Zeiss ExoLens Pro now works well with all of the current models of iPhone. It is fairly expensive but with great quality. The lens is compact but looks really nice for the one who is eager to get some seriously photos with the iPhone. This does the job!

And the last one that is pretty popular recently is Ring Spinner. Believe that you have ever heard about it or even ordered one for your phone.

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