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AirPower Alternative, Plux Wireless Charger with Both Value and Performance

AirPower Alternative, Plux Wireless Charger with Both Value and Performance

With the dust of this year's Apple series new product launch, Apple's own wireless charger AirPower is still missing. The Airpower charger, shown at the Apple conference last year, promised to wirelessly charge to our iPhone, which has been around for a whole year and seems to have been forgotten. Fortunately, the accessories industry has already seized the opportunity to provide an open target for Apple. Some wireless charging pads can power two devices, and some can even power four devices. They seem to be connected to the network. The exposed AirPower of Apple is very similar.

Wireless charging this stuff, supporters love it, but another part of people questioned its slow charging speed, short charging distance, in essence, still, take off pants and fart. Whether you love or not, you can't deny that wireless charging is really going to be popular.

For wireless charging, our expectations are of course unconstrained and can be charged anytime, anywhere in free space.

Of course, the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, with the current technology wireless charging and wired charging has no particular advantage, in addition to the convenience of plug-in with the charging, the charging speed cannot be fast with the cable Comparable, it is also unable to meet the needs of some users to use the mobile phone while charging.

However, for some users, wireless charging is now available. In some scenarios where the mobile phone is not used frequently, wireless charging can make good use of its advantages.

Vinpok Plux Wireless Charger Recharges all of Your Digital Life

A device very similar to AirPower called Plux Wireless Charger Pad, the three-in-one charger can simultaneously charge a pair of smartphones, as well as a central stand for Apple Watch. Each charging zone also has a status indicator to indicate when the device is charging and when the battery is full. The charger is only 1 cm thick and comes with its own wall outlet. The iPhone's charging power is 7.5W, while other brands of smartphones (such as Samsung) can be quickly charged at 10W, and the watch's power is 2W.

Wireless chargers are often available in two models: brackets and pads. The mat is great for sitting on a table by the bed or lying on the table inconspicuously, but sometimes the bracket makes more sense. In particular, they are very useful for those who use the iPhone X, because a good stand with a steep angle will make your phone and face enough for the Face ID to work. This makes it easier to unlock your phone and check it quickly without removing it from the charger.

The stand is great for reading the phone at a charge, but sometimes you want it to lie flat. It's less conspicuous on your desk or bedside table, and it's easier to tilt in any direction. Wireless charging pads tend to be a little cheaper than brackets.

The extended delay of Apple's AirPower charging pad has left plenty of time for knock-offs to claim a stake.

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