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Creating 3-in-1 dual lightning with 3.5mm headphone jack adapter

Creating 3-in-1 dual lightning with 3.5mm headphone jack adapter

I’m not a prophet, but since the day Apple confirmed that its iPhone 7 would only sport a lightning port, I’d already known the decision of removing the headphone jack was somewhat premature. Personally, I’ve never been truly convinced that 3.5mm headphone jack is about to go obsolete and unnecessary, especially I’m not a big fan of wireless headphones, and I don’t have lightning-only headphones either.

Although iPhone 7 comes with free lightning with 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, it doesn’t have audio control support; it means users cannot skip a track or take phone calls with third-party headphones that have a built-in mic; not to mention, to charge the phone and listen to music at one go.

My team and I have spent some time searching for an ultimate solution and were hoping to find a cost-effective one cos the last thing we want is to empty our bank accounts on AirPods, or other expensive accessories. However, after months of searching, our efforts were in vain. There was no 3-in-1 iPhone 7 lightning with 3.5mm headphone jack adapter/splitter at a reasonable price then, so we asked ourselves ‘Why not creating 3-in-1 dual lightning with 3.5mm headphone jack adapter to facilitate all iPhone users?’

This is the beginning of Vinpok Dock-F story.
dock f-3 in 1 lightning adapter splitter for iphone x
It not only allows you to listen to music through a 3.5mm headphone, but you can also enjoy your favourite music and charge your iPhone at the same time. Compared to other lightning adapter splitters on the market:
Supports Simultaneous Charging & Audio Output
Designed for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone 7 / 7Plus, our 3-in-1 Lightning Adapter Splitter allows you to enjoy music and charge your phone at the same time.

Supports Remote Control & Microphone
It supports remote control and microphone from lightning audio headphones; it allows you to pause or play, skip song or control volume easily.

To make you days hyper-efficient, Vinpok Dock-F put everything your heart desires all in one place; most importantly, this convenience doesn’t cost you a fortune but save you more than a couple of bucks!

More details on Vinpok Dock-F will be coming out soon, stay tuned with us.

‘We are here to make your life easier.’

We are Vinpok Team.

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