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Mofin: The Best Gravity Wireless Phone Charger For Car

Mofin: The Best Gravity Wireless Phone Charger For Car

Racing $112,630 on Kickstarter & Indieggo, more than 900% of its goal, the eye-popping success of Mofin Qi Wireless Phone Charger is not a matter of luck, and the credit goes to its design and perhaps, the force of gravity.

Unique triangle-fixed Design

As we all know, car rides can be bumpy sometimes, the stability of phone charger for the car is crucial, the last thing you want is the interference with the charging circuit while charging your phone in a car. Mofin, a fast-mounting, convenient & secured wireless in-car phone cradle tackles these problems with its functional and aesthetically pleasing design.

Mofin utilizes natural gravity and weight of the phone makes it easily secure, the vent mount and the bottom bracket make it effectively interface with the dashboard of your car. Not in any way like other car chargers that requires both hands to mount the phone, the Mofin wireless car phone charger is very simple to use, all you need to do is place the phone into the charger; the arms of the charger will firmly lock the phone in place even at a speed bump. The design of Mofin’s clip allows it fit for almost all air vent, and the rotation knob also keeps the charger to be firmly held.

Since the charger uses a USB to Micro-USB cable to transmit power to the charger, so you definitely need a USB port on your dashboard.

Cost performance Product

Regarding the charging performance, thanks to Qi inductive charging technology, Mofin allows you to charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8+, and any other Qi-compatible phones effortlessly without worrying about finding outlets or power cords.  Compared with the mainstream wireless chargers in the market, the conversion efficiency of Mofin is up to 80%, which is faster than most wireless chargers as they can only reach 60%. With the 10w fast charging, it means the charger delivers 10w of power to your devices. You can see the red indicator when the power is transmitting to the charger, if you place a phone on to the stand, a blue indicator turns on which means the phone is being charged.

Mofin may not be the more popular charging accessory company around, but its price tag is definitely the most attractive one, it was just USD 24(early bird perk) when it first launched on Kickstarter! Compared to Anker, Mophie or Samsung, their wireless chargers tend to cost more than USD 50, or Belkin charger costs USD 60 without a 10w of power, Mofin is pretty much a deal that is just too good to be true!

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