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Plux, Perfect Charging Solution For Apple Fans

Plux, Perfect Charging Solution For Apple Fans

The reason why so many people are die-heart fans of wireless charging is due to the ultimate convenience offered by the wireless charger. Instead of plugging a cable into your device and attaching it to a power adapter, you just need to place the phone on the wireless charging pad. No need to fumble around with a cable when you want to charge up your phone is awesome.

Nowadays, we always have multiple devices, an iPhone, Apple Watch or AirPods, and they all need different chargers and cables. Imagine, if you can charge all of them with one charger, isn’t it fantastic? Without any update about the AirPower from Apple, Plux is definitely the best alternative for Apple users. Its Qi compatibility allows a user to juice their iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch wirelessly and quickly.

By adopting fast charge technology, Plux can deliver up to 10 watts of power to all your iPhone 8/X, Apple watch, and AirPods. It’s a convenient, safe, and reliable way to charge and power all your electrical devices 33% faster than the standard wireless chargers. What’s more, the lightweight, minimalist design makes you stand out from the rest.

More convenient still, as long as your iPhone case isn’t thicker than 3mm, the Plux can charge your smartphone through it. Plux comes with the Stand Converter, it allows you to transform your charging pad into a charging stand easily, and it has the best angle for your Face ID and Nightstand Mode! This amazing wireless charger is now available on Vinpok.com at USD79 only, go check it out!

Take a look at the media reviews:

  • ‘One huge benefit, at least for me, is the ability to prop up the charging mat. I vastly prefer charging stands to charging mats. I like being able to see my notifications, as well as get a better view of my watch in Nightstand mode.’ By iDB
  • ‘The pad offers up to 10 watts of charging power, can be deployed as either a flat pad or a stand and comes in white or black.’ By Digital trend

  • ‘Plux wireless charger is perfect for those tired of waiting for AirPower.’ By Apple World

  • ‘Plux is the world’s best wireless fast charging stand. It’s specifically designed to power up all of your devices easily in one convenient place! Just simply place all your devices on the charger.’ By Tech Aeris

  • ‘Plux offers a convenience of wireless charging wherever you are. It can be a stand or a pad so that you can use your phone at any angle with this charger. The 10 W output will give you a good chance to save your money and also your time.’ By Designlisticle

  • ‘Unlike other all-in-one chargers coming to the market, the Plux offers two adjustable angles, Pad Mode and Stand Mode.’ By App Advice

  • ‘One thing I liked about the Plux wireless charging stand was that you could use it as a stand or a mat. This is really nice because in my experience with other wireless chargers when an iPhone X is placed on a wireless charging mat without a case it will often slide off over time. ‘by Best techie


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