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Some iPhone car accessories you may need

Some iPhone car accessories you may need

Our life, thoughts, and communication are extended with smartphones. We cannot live without them now, even when you are driving. Then it’s vital to talk about the mobility and convenience caused by of iPhone car accessories. They are here to provide functions and even safety to keep your daily life easy.

Here is a look at some interesting and functional car accessories:

Roidmi Smart Car Charger

Roidmi Smart Car Charger is a not only a simple car charger but a powerful device with cute dimension. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It’s compatible with all iOS and Android systems. Insert it into your car cigarette lighter and use the Roidmi APP, you can make your car more modern. Because Roidmi is also a 5-in-1 intelligent wireless system. It supports gesture-controlled hands-free calling, the high-quality microphone integrated, Gesture-controlled Bluetooth music playing. With two USB ports, you can charge your phone safely. Download Roidmi APP, you can broadcast navigation and monitor your battery usage.

1 Some iPhone car accessories you may need

Reference link:https://xiaomi-mi.com/fm-transmitters/xiaomi-roidmi-5-in-1-music-bluetooth-car-charger-2s-smart-drive-bfq02rm-black/


As safety is the most important aspect of the driving life, Navdy comes out and never take your eyes off the road to protect you from some dangerous. It’s a Heads Up Display & GPS Navigation. With the intelligent system and high-tech of the transparent image, gesture sensor, you can get directions, receive calls, texts and control your music with Navdy without touching your phone. Using the transparent light to lead the way, the road stays in focus while you view the information. It can read your interactive swipes and respond to your gestures quickly even in the night. It’s definitely functional accessories that support searching by your voice, Google Maps, viewing directions and notifications together, controlling music apps, sharing trip’s route and destination and assign tasks to Siri or Google Assistant.

1 Some iPhone car accessories you may need

Reference link:https://www.navdy.com/product#features

Fobo Tire

FoboTire is the most advanced tire pressure monitor system which is compatible with your iPhone and Android devices. It has four sensors for one car and the app to monitor them. It comes with 3 levels of alert to tell you the tire is in good condition or not. Thus you can have your time to get it fixed in case of dangerous that caused by continued driving. You can even use it for more than one car. It will send you the notification which sensor is missing so that you will have the sense of examining the situation of your car before driving.

1 Some iPhone car accessories you may need

Reference link:https://my-fobo.com/Product/FOBOTIRE

Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera and Alert System

Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera and Alert System is a camera system and it can turn your smartphone into the rearview screen. It goes with a Camera Frame with dual SD cameras. It installs securely over your license plate and wirelessly pairs to the companion Car dongle which is plugged into your car’s OBD port. Download the App, you can see and control the views of what’s behind your car on your smartphone. It’s not only a backup camera but also a proximity sensor to warn you of obstacles. And the provided Car Mount is useful for hands-free viewing. Limitedly, the design is for all cars made after 1996 for the US market.

1 Some iPhone car accessories you may need

Reference link:https://www.crutchfield.com/p_994PEARLCM/Pearl-RearVision-Wireless-Rear-view-Camera-and-Alert-System.html

Designers who make those come true are always sweet to bring our life convenience. Actually, more gadgets for iPhone are made for those who hold their iPhones. It covers all aspects of your life such as iPhone photography accessories and iPhone video accessories. We are looking forward to more interesting products.

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