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Vinpok Bolt helps MagSafe Last

Vinpok Bolt helps MagSafe Last

Since the birth of the Vinpok Bolt, things are never gonna be the same. We deeply appreciate your support in Bolt’s crowdfunding campaign last August; we’ve raised over US$274,548 from 6888+ orders placed by supporters across 96 countries.

Your support and love motivate us to do better.
The pursuit of excellence is not just an idea to us; it is our mission.

Do you still the awesome feature MagSafe on your Macbook? MagSafe is a convenient feature that prevents our laptop from falling caused by tangled and messy cables, and power cord. To some Macbook users, it was like the end of the world when Apple confirmed the removal of MagSafe back then. Of course we understand, in particular, the designers of Vinpok’s Bolt, a team of Mac enthusiasts who care about user experience. Our team has been working hard for years to bring MagSafe charging back to your USB-C MacBook Pro.

World's 1st USB-C Magnetic Cable For MacBook - Vinpok Bolt

Well, if you are a MacBook newbie and have never heard of MagSafe, let me ask you something first. How often do you use the USB-C port on your MacBook to charge your Smartphone? I’m not sure your answer, but we always use the USB-C port to charge our phones. And if you always do it too, you probably are familiar with these situations.....

You're typing, and the phone rings; you try to unplug the phone and go somewhere quiet before answering the call. But your trip over the messy cables and drop your laptop on the ground. This kind d tragedy always happens, but it is preventable if Macbook comes with the MagSafe feature. Unfortunately, it got killed in 2015.

As a brand which committed to creating trend-setting high tech products, our designers are in the same boat with you and believe that MagSafe should stay. This is the beginning of Vinpok Bolt, the World's 1st USB-C magnetic cable for MacBook now is born.


New Vinpok’s Bolt USB-C cable brings MagSafe functionality to all MacBook models.”-----9T05Mac says.

Yes. Vinpok Bolt USB-C magnetic cable is such a lifesaver for MacBook users. With the USB-C connector attaches to both ends, you are able to use Vinpok’s Bolt to juice up your 13", 15" MacBook Pro, tablets, handsets or any device features a USB-C port. You will be very impressed by its powerful, yet flexible magnetism. Just a "click!", Vinpok Bolt connects your device to the USB-C port as easy as pie; you can easily unplug it too. No fuss and no more time-wasting with clumsy port-aiming.

mashable-best tech2017

You know what? My laptop literally cannot ‘live’ without Vinpok’s Bolt. I’m not surprised at all to see that Vinpok Bolt Magnetic USB-C cable has been listed for Best Tech of 2017 in MashableAsia.

Our Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo was a huge success, and we received many positive comments. We all love the extra protection bought by this exceptional magnetic USB-C cable, and Bolt helps Mac users enjoy the convenience of MagSafe at an affordable price.


“Vinpok’s Bolt USB-C wants to be your one magnetic charge cable for everything”--DIGITAL TRENDS

Even Digital Trends, the renowned high-tech lifestyle website believes that Vinpok’s Bolt USB-C could be a magnetic charge cable for everything. We have no doubt that you will be impressed by the Universal Compatibility of Bolt. Leveraging an intelligent recognition system to adapt the different voltages in various USB-C devices, Vinpok's Bolt is a versatile USB-C Magnetic Cable For MacBook, your handsets, tablets, speakers or any other devices with a USB-C port.

Since Apple removed the MagSafe, the market has been covered with similar products. There's even rumor that Apple is figuring out solutions of this kind to make up for it.

But Vinpok Bolt Magnetic USB-C Cable Is Born To Be Standout.

You might have the same concern like many people. Can Vinpok’s Bolt work properly as a USB-C charging cable with the embedded magnetic field?  Well, you can drop your worries and keep reading below.

Vinpok bolt features

Superior Built-in Chipset- Bringing MagSafe charging back to your USB-C MacBook Pro, Vinpok’s Bolt is guaranteed that your 15-inch MacBook Pro will be properly powered up! Apple Original cable achieves 4.03A and 19.0 v., And With its 87W USB-C power adapter, Vinpok’s Bolt can achieve a max current range of 4.3 Amps. Which means it's more stable and faster to charge your 12 inch MacBook, 13 inch MacBook or 15 inch MacBook. Isn't it so cool?!

As for Fast Charge, Vinpok Bolt Magnetic USB-C Cable also supports PD fast charging which is designed to increase the charging efficiency by 38%.  Now you can be benefited from the convenience of PD fast charging when juicing up your devices, Vinpok’s Bolt is here to give you a helping hand.

Outperformed durability-Not many cords have outstanding durability, in fact, the majority of magnetic USB-C cables on the market are poorly made’ it is a very dissatisfying experience to have two or even three cables crap out in a year. This is why Vinpok runs numerous stringent tests on Vinpok’s Bolt. After 4000 QC tests, you can rest assured that Vinpok’s Bolt is well-crafted with outperformed durability, and it is made out of high-quality materials. Vinpok’s Bolt is a cable almost everlasting.


Smallest Tiniest Magnetic Tip-What's more, something about Vinpok’s Bolt needs to be brought out is its smallest tip.  That is part of reasons for its amazing performance of instant connection and quick release. The magnetic tip of Vinpok’s Bolt has tiniest magnetic tip size on the market (only 2.2mm which you can’t see with the naked eyes).

Vinpok Bolt helps MagSafe Last

This magical Magnetic USB-C cable offers the best charging experience you ever have. Vinpok Bolt offers user ultimate convenience and productivity. The high quality multifunction USB-C charging cable is a must-have item for us to live in a high-tech world. Still, don’t have Bolt? Get one quick!

Don't miss Vinpok Bolt: World’s first USB-C magnetic cable support for 87W charging of 13", 15" Mac and USB-C devices. BuyNow! 


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